Illinois Tech Homecoming Banner

Illinois Tech Homecoming Banner


The Union Board is the largest event programming organization at the Illinois Institute of Technology. They are the main organization responsible for putting together Homecoming festivities.


To create a fun banner that reflects the Carnival theme of Homecoming.


  1. I created a design brief by interviewing the stakeholders.
  2. I established milestones and a delivery timeline to implement the design brief.
  3. I facilitated a sketching session with stakeholders to generate ideas, elements and concepts that they would like to see the design incorporate.
  4. I researched the theme for the event
  5. Using the data from the design brief, the learnings from the sketching session and my research I created a preliminary concept draft of the visual design.
  6. I iterated upon the design after soliciting constructive criticism from the stakeholders.
  7. After we reached an iteration of the design that was approved by the stake holders, I packaged the design with all the necessary assets, and delivered it to the client.


Print Ready Artwork files
Screen Optimized Artwork files
Fonts used in the Artwork
Design Usage Guidelines