Micro-Landmark Nav

Micro-Landmark Nav


NAVTEQ was an American Chicago-based provider of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data and a major provider of base electronic navigable maps. The company was acquired by Nokia in 2008, and fully merged into Nokia in 2011 to form part of the HERE business unit.


To develop a navigation system for handheld GPS enabled devices for use by pedestrians that makes use of micro-landmarks.


1. Discovery

Discover and Research to define user scenario and conceptual model
Tools Used: Online Research, User Analysis, Storyboard, Sketch work, Brainstorming

2. Wireframe

Create Use Cases, Work Flows, Site Map. Wire frame screens and create major interactions
Tools Used: Sketchbook, Whiteboard, Axure, Illustrator

3. Prototype

Create Visual Design, Icons, Style Guide. Create Screen Mockups. Build Interactive Prototype.
Tools Used: Axure, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML + CSS + JS

4. Validate Internally

Get quick and frequent feedback from executive and team members
Tools Used: White board + Pin board, Daily meetings, Internal survey, Meeting Minutes

5. Test Externally

Meet with customers, find niche group of target users
Tools Used: Customer meetings, A-B Testing, Google Analytics, Survey, Feedback System

6. Summarize

Validate and learn from user behavior
Tools Used: Discussion, Documentation / Wiki, Deciding Next Steps, Road Map

7. Iterate

Plan and move to next cycle


Micro-Landmark Navigation Design Concept